11 ft streamers

Why would you want a tesla coil?


It canĀ“t be used for anything, except producing streamers.

But if you want to look into one of natures greatest mysteries, hot plasma spark channels flying through the air, you might want to build one.



Primary coil: 1/2 inch copper tubing, 6 turns


Secondary coil: 12.5 x 40 inch, 850 turns awg 18


Main toroid: 12.5 x 60 inch


Toroid height: 7 feet above floor

Capacitor:  MMC 200 nF 36 kV DC

Spark gap:  Rotating, 6 tungsten electrodes, 14 inch disc, 340 brakes per second, asynchronous


Input: 12 kV AC  1.8 amps

Stockholm Tesla Coil

Jan Ohlsson

Bromma, Sweden

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Stockholm Tesla Coil