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Teslaspolen är till salu!!

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11 ft streamers

Why would you want a tesla coil?

It´s of no practical use whatsoever.

But you might love it anyway...

Have a look at the specifications for my coil.


Streamer pictures and video clips

Some hot streamers flying around.


So you want to build a big tesla coil?

Here is some information about my coil.

But I won´t go through the basics, there are several good websites for that.



Hello, I´m Jan Ohlsson


I have a background in sound engineering, sound equipment design and installation, but I left that field a long time ago. But some general knowledge of electronics goes a long way for understanding tesla coil design. A tesla coil is on the surface a simple device, although difficult to comprehend in depth. But many coilers have researched the field, and there are a number of proven standard designs that could be used.

This is my second coil, I built  a middle sized coil with a 110 mm secondary, powered by a stack of NST:s,  about 15 years ago.

I live in Bromma, a part of Stockholm, Sweden. I run a small mechanic workshop for a living, after retiring from academic administrative work.

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